About “PUA:Win32/uTorrent” infection

Malware Removal

The PUA:Win32/uTorrent is considered dangerous by lots of security experts. When this infection is active, you may notice unwanted processes in Task Manager list. In this case, it is adviced to scan your computer with GridinSoft Anti-Malware.

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What PUA:Win32/uTorrent virus can do?

  • Presents an Authenticode digital signature
  • A process attempted to delay the analysis task.
  • Attempts to connect to a dead IP:Port (7 unique times)
  • At least one IP Address, Domain, or File Name was found in a crypto call
  • Starts servers listening on, :0,
  • Reads data out of its own binary image
  • Drops a binary and executes it
  • Creates an excessive number of UDP connection attempts to external IP addresses
  • Performs some HTTP requests
  • The binary likely contains encrypted or compressed data.
  • The executable is compressed using UPX
  • Creates or sets a registry key to a long series of bytes, possibly to store a binary or malware config
  • Steals private information from local Internet browsers
  • Installs itself for autorun at Windows startup
  • Detects the presence of Wine emulator via registry key
  • Attempts to modify proxy settings
  • Attempts to modify browser security settings
  • Creates a copy of itself
  • Generates some ICMP traffic

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How to determine PUA:Win32/uTorrent?

File Info:

crc32: A73FF0BF
md5: 3978831ad0f9b61b4e8fbbff21b2e365
name: utorrent-3.1.2.exe
sha1: 73ba69b5d0004239a709af5db57c88c9d9c8f7b2
sha256: 4ba79faf1c6c2e62ac70335a87e221f30cdb2e7e58727227c83247a2c59c348e
sha512: 075c3a3399327e361401214ec6fc5dd2769f001cf1b184204d6548904fc1634a9e835b8dd2f4d34c1f6323b1ad3934b63091c2d213b943379caef5a96031f7ea
ssdeep: 12288:cLgW5C3tl91Q3059ZHsGycUMrsytJaURLwnK4SNcxuYTCffA0y9Uy/xaoSlB:cLTCd1we9ZHki3ePn1SNc4FPk+B
type: PE32 executable (GUI) Intel 80386, for MS Windows, UPX compressed

Version Info:

LegalCopyright: xa92012 BitTorrent, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
InternalName: uTorrent.exe
CompanyName: BitTorrent, Inc.
ProductName: xb5Torrent
FileDescription: xb5Torrent
OriginalFilename: uTorrent.exe
Translation: 0x0409 0x04e4

PUA:Win32/uTorrent also known as:

ESET-NOD32a variant of Win32/uTorrent.D potentially unwanted
RisingPUA.Conduit!8.122 (CLOUD)

How to remove PUA:Win32/uTorrent?

PUA:Win32/uTorrent removal tool
  • Download and install GridinSoft Anti-Malware.
  • Open GridinSoft Anti-Malware and perform a “Standard scan“.
  • Move to quarantine” all items.
  • Open “Tools” tab – Press “Reset Browser Settings“.
  • Select proper browser and options – Click “Reset”.
  • Restart your computer.

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